Day-long and multi-day hikes


An ‘LAW’ (‘Lange-Afstand-Wandelpad’ or long distance walk) is a multi-day walking route which runs through several different regions of The Netherlands. The LAWs, combined with the ‘Nationale Streekpaden’ (national/regional trails) form the backbone of The Netherlands’ extremely varied network of walking routes. LAWs can be found all over the country and are recognisable by their trademark white/red stripes. Regional trails are multi-day circular walks with a strong regional focus and are recognisable by their trademark yellow/red stripes. People who are interested in sampling a long distance walk can follow a route from the ‘From station to station’ series, which features walks of between 7 and 22 kilometres long, largely over an LAW or regional trail.

The country’s 25 LAWs and 14 regional trails combined create a network of walking routes amounting to some 8,500 kilometres, some of which link up with routes in neighbouring countries to allow walkers to continue beyond the Dutch borders. Some Dutch LAWs even form part of European walking routes (E-paths).

Long distance walking routes
There are three different LAW routes located in northern and central Limburg, namely: Pelgrimspad part 2 (LAW 7-2) from Den Bosch to Maastricht, covering 250 kilometres Pieterpad part 2 (LAW 9-2) from Vorden to Sint Pietersberg, covering 257 kilometres Hertogenpad (LAW 13) from Breda to Roermond, covering 238 kilometres.

You can recognise the long distance walking routes thanks to the red/white stripes on lampposts and trees.

Regional trails
There is one regional trail in northern and central Limburg, namely:
The Maas-Niederrheinpad – a cross-border route covering 342 kilometres.

You can recognise the regional trails thanks to the red/yellow stripes on lampposts and trees.                                                      

NS Rail&Walk day trips
The following NS Rail&Walk day trips are located in northern and central Limburg:
Maascorridor: 17 kilometres from Venlo to Kaldenkirchen
Mariapeel: 14 kilometres from Horst-Sevenum to Deurne
Meinweg: 34 kilometres in and around Roermond.

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