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In northern and central Limburg there are over 1,400 kilometres of cycle routes which take you past all the region's beauty spots. In addition to the network of local cycle routes and intersections, four national long-distance cycle routes also run through the region – so there are plenty of opportunities for you to get pedalling and explore the area!

You can order a map of the cycle routes via the Lust for Limburg and VVV Midden-Limburg websites. Use the route planner to select one of the most popular routes or devise your own.

Network of cycle paths

The Netherlands' first system of cycle routes and intersections was developed in central Limburg in 1997. Originating in Belgium, the concept has since been implemented with great success here too. It comprises a large number of cycle routes which are linked together by intersections. The numbering system enables you to devise your own route and decide how long you want your bike ride to be

Start your route from any intersection or from an official starting point. Ample parking is available at each of these points, which are indicated on the map by a 'P'.

You can follow the network of cycle routes in both directions. Along the route, green-and-white numbered signposts clearly show you the way from one intersection to the next, in both directions. This helps you to keep planning and devising new cycle routes.

At each intersection you'll find an information board showing a map of the network in the vicinity, so that you can always alter your route as you go along. Along the route, signposts with an arrow on them clearly show you which direction to take. If there are no signposts, the route continues on straight ahead. You'll always find a signpost at places where doubts could arise about which way you should go.

National cycle routes

Four of the National Cycle Routes (called 'LF-routes') which criss-cross The Netherlands pass through northern and central Limburg. These routes are mainly aimed at long-distance cyclists and people on cycling holidays. Landelijk Fietsplatform (Dutch National Cycling Platform) is responsible for the upkeep of the LF-routes. That is the organisation which ensures that you can follow a scenic cycle route from, for example, Groningen to Venlo if you wish.

The Netherlands boasts some 4,500 kilometres of signposted LF-routes which are marked by rectangular signs printed in green italics. We are currently aligning our network of cycle routes and intersections with the national cycle routes where possible.

The four LF-routes in northern and central Limburg are:

  • The Maas (Meuse) route (LF3)
  • The Oeverland route (LF7)
  • The Schelde-Rhein (Scheldt-Rhine) route (LF13)
  • The route connecting LF3 and LF7 (LF5)

For more information visit the Fietsplatform website.